Things to do in Dahab

Canyon and Fish Bowl

“The Canyon” is one of Dahab’s most famous diving sites. It is also referred to as the “Fish Bowl” although the latter indicates a nearby site.

A few flip strokes away from Assalah bay, you’ll reach a large rock head cloven by a fissure descending to a wide entrance underwater. Passing through this entrance, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the crowded life and incredible beauty of the Canyon’s setting. The canyon is 10 meters deep at most places but it can reach far superior depths; at 12 meters you can reach an opening through which you will access the actual “Fish Bowl.” The site is a favorite among cave divers, and although its shallowest parts can be pretty interesting to snorkel and dive at, the deeper secrets of the canyon can only be explored by experienced divers. Night dives are spectacular at the canyon, especially on a full moon, and the underwater species you’re most likely to see are just amazing. The usual visitors include anthias, groupers, turtles, nudibranchs, glassfish and octopuses.
Depth: 5-33 m
Visibility: 10-30 m

Yalla Rehla